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“Saint Belle was born out of a belief to create pieces that are beautifully considered, rich in meaning and quality with a story to be proud of.’

Isabella Dryden

The Art of Dress making

Saint Belle is working with local makers to cut and sew by hand each piece in the Northeast of England. It starts with a sketch and through passion and skill transforms luxury fabrics into wearable pieces. Producing in small runs, offering quality over quantity is as important
to us as the materials we work with.

Back to the Soil

We design pieces in a way that ensure that they will not degrade the land if they are eventually disposed of or recycled. Our choice to use natural fibres such as organic cotton or linen ensures that the garments are of a luxury quality that can be worn and loved for many years and will ultimately biodegrade. When natural fibres biodegrade, they return carbon to the soil which provides nutrients for growth, compared to synthetic fibres such as polyester which takes decades to decompose and damage the soil in the process.

Nurturing traditional skills

Many traditional craft skills are at risk of being lost as mass manufacturing provides a cheaper alternative with severe damaging environmental impact. Handwoven, handprinted and biodegradable fabrics have a strong presence in each of our collections. We embrace and support heritage, tradition and skill passed down through generations.

Fabric & Fibres

Natural fibres derived from plants have always been the first choice at Saint Belle. Certified organic cotton was the first fibre we launched with, hand-spun and handwoven into the finest cloth each year since 2020. In 2021 we introduced natural dye block print fabrics, a traditional artisan technique sourced in Bangalore, India. We more recently introduced Irish Linen as an alternative, a structured plant-based fibre celebrated for durability and breathability.

Made to last

Designing fewer collections for maximum longevity is part of our promise to cherish the planet. ‘Waste’ does not exist in the earth’s natural circular systems, in which all resources are used and fed back to the ecosystem and soil for future nourishment. We operate a zero-waste production, selectively sourcing and minimising volume of materials and resources. All fabric offcuts from the pattern cutting tables are used in our accessories collection.


54.9456° N, 1.9480° W

North East England

Saint Belle Works locallywith skilled, patterncutters and machine to create comfort, elegance and ease in all of ourdesigns. Every Piece is cut and sewn in North Eastin England

50.7156° N, 3.5309° W


Our gold embossed swing tags are handmade by a female lead printing studio in Devon.

23.6850° N, 90.3563° E


Saint Belle supports women throughout Bangladesh to utilise their locally grown natural materials and develop their traditional hand-weaving skills.

12.9716° N, 77.5946° E


Our women led suppliers in India are serious role models. Weavers are paid 2-3 times the minimum wage of India. While more than 51% of the weavers receive less than half of the minimum wage in India. They offer weavers fixed contracts and benefits such as health insurance and pensions. Currently they employ 18 men and women, working 8 hour days for 6 days a week.