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March 07, 2022 6 min read 1 Comment

We are delighted to introduce to you the inspiring women of Saint Belle as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2022.

This International Women’s Day we are taking the opportunity to reflect on all the incredible female talent and hard work that goes into making Saint Belle possible.

As a female owned and operated company, we champion empowerment through every step of manufacture. Supporting female artisans in Bangalore and Bangladesh to ethically produce beautiful handwoven fabrics at a reliable living wage.

Our luxury cotton fabrics are then cut and sewn in our North East studio, with women driving the seat at every stage of production, and we think that is worth celebrating.

As we approach a day of celebration and empowerment for women and girls everywhere, Saint Belle wants to honour the incredible women who work behind the scenes to help our Belles’ spend more time feeling their authentic beautiful self.
We want to introduce you to the inspiring women of Saint Belle as we pay homage to them this International Women’s Day.

Isabella Dryden. Founder of Saint Belle

For those who have followed Saint Belle’s journey, Isabella will prove to be a familiar friendly face. In the first of a series of profiles it only makes sense to begin with the women who started it all. We are thrilled to welcome Isabella, Founder and Design Director behind Saint Belle’s relaxed feminine style.

Saint Belle’s values and strong sustainable message is all thanks to Isabella’s passion to be a positive change in the fashion industry.

Inspired by her previous experience as a senior designer in fast fashion, Isabella has seen first-hand the harmful and wasteful effects of production. Saint Belle is a culmination of all these experiences, offering a welcomed change to the industry.

“I am proud to be the North East’s first ready-to-wear womenswear brand. There is so much talent in the North East; designers, illustrators, photographers, stylists, buyers, copywriters. It’s about time that a fashion house came along and showcased this, to be established and open up the North to something only held traditionally in London.”

Megan West. Fashion Communication and PR Intern at Saint Belle

We’d love you to meet our newest edition to the Saint Belle family. Megan is our Fashion PR and Communication’s intern. While she has been on the Saint Belle journey from the beginning, being the first to buy the Isabella Dress when we launched in 2020, we are thrilled to now have her as an official member of the team as we step into 2022.

Working alongside side Isabella, Megan is quickly picking up the Saint Belle trade. From hand-making our delicate scrunchies to cameoing on our Instagram, Megan is a familiar voice to our Saint Belle customers.

“I’d love to think of me and Isabella as the dream team. My passion for sustainability is at the core of all the work I do with Saint Belle. It’s so refreshing to work with a brand that puts kindness and community at the forefront of everything they do, and I can’t wait to continue to work towards some exciting new developments in our near future!"

Hema's profile photo
Hema and our fantastic hand weaving team in India

Our women led suppliers in India are serious role models. By using hand woven fabrics, Saint Belle is contributing to the preservation of artisanal skills passed down for generations.

Our weavers acquire and master an actual skill, rather than operating machinery, taking strides to develop their renowned traditional skills.

Working in the heart of India’s weaving industry, Hema and her team believe fashion should care for both people and planet. Their textile design and production house offer hand woven fabric from recycled yarns, upcycling waste into a high-end luxury product, using a culturally ingrained and zero emission technique. 

Hema and all our talented hand weavers in Bangalore mean our production process of our fabrics requires only women-power. Featuring 100% natural fibres, all of Saint Belle’s considered ethical clothing is authentically created using 100% cotton, 30% of which comes from recycled sources using zero electricity.   


Sarah's profile pictureAlex the pattern cutter at Saint Belle
Sarah and Alex our skilled cut and sewing team

Saint Belle works locally with skilled pattern cutters and machinists to create comfort, elegance and ease in all of our considered designs.

Our luxury cotton fabrics are cut and sewn in our North East studio with women driving the seat at every stage of production. Saint Belle celebrates North East talent working closely with Sarah and Alex's production team to create beautiful bespoke pieces that effortlessly frame your silhouette.

Supporting creatives throughout the region, our team of pattern cutters and seamstresses use their skills and enthusiasm for fashion to create quality pieces of craftmanship that allow our Belles’ to feel beautiful and confident in our Saint Belle pieces.

Lizzie from the Dairy Studio Paperworks

Lizzie and the Dairy Studio family

Every piece of Saint Belle is beautifully finished with our signature gold embossed swing tags, which is all thanks to Lizzie and her female led printing studio in Devon.

Each hand pressed, all our orders receive a delicate bespoke swing tag which combine contemporary design with traditional printing methods. This creates a special luxurious moment every time our Belle’s open up their hand-packed order.

Just like at Saint Belle, Lizzie and her Devon studio take inspiration from beautiful natural elements and effortlessly blend this with contemporary typography and design. Their timeless letterpress printing method creates a beautiful tactile deboss impression into every Saint Belle tag.

“What makes me feel empowered as a woman today is community. The community of women that are my friends and family who were by my side when I started my small business and who are my constant cheerleaders. The community of women I have met along my small business journey and are there when I’m in need of guidance and vice versa. And finally, the wider community of women who inspire me to dream bigger and be braver.”

Calla Hailwood the model of Saint Belle.


Calla is a familiar face to many of our Belles and we can’t wait for you all to get to know her. The beautiful Calla is not only the name behind our stunning cross body basket bag but is also the model of Saint Belle’s very first releases.

Featured throughout Saint Belle, Calla’s warm and sunny look is the perfect fit for our relaxed feminine style. From our gorgeous Georgiana cotton midi dress to our classic Clemence, Calla is the model of our dreams, effortlessly encompassing the Saint Belle style.

Calla embodies confidence with every piece of Saint Belle she wears.  “I feel empowered as a woman today because I can do what I want when I want.

Katy Quinn Saint Belle slow fashion stylist


One of the brilliant creatives behind Saint Belle’s transitional day to night style, Kat is Saint Belle’s go to for all things styling.

From beachy sandals to elegant heels, Kat’s eye for detail and adaptable style is breathed throughout all of Saint Belle’s collection.

Kat is an exceptional example of local North East talent that Saint Belle treasures.

Saint Belle and Kat work along the same values that when a woman feels good in what she wears it means more than the clothes, it extends to the confidence she carries with her. Saint Belle wants all our Belles to step into every day feeling this way with a self-assured presence. 

“After recently having a baby I can honestly say I feel prouder than ever to be a woman. Being lucky enough to grow and nourish life is extremely empowering and now I get to raise her to be a fierce, confident, empowered woman too.”

Basketry Handweavers in Bangladesh.

Sheenagh and the team in Bangladesh

Saint Belle supports women throughout Bangladesh to utilise their locally grown natural materials and develop their traditional hand-weaving skills.

All our beautiful basket bags are Fairtrade, ethically crafted by young women and mothers in Bangladesh celebrating the importance of preserving the talent of female artisans.

Sheenah and her incredible team work to create our bespoke bags, which combined with our easy feminine designs has allowed us to develop a cohesive range of handwoven Fairtrade bags perfect for breezy beach days and peaceful picnics.

These women help make Saint Belle’s values a reality, celebrating sustainability, traceability and wearability into all our designs.

Customer image for International Women's Day 2022
You- Our customers
We couldn’t be Saint Belle without all the love and support from you and our fantastically loyal customers. We want to celebrate you and your incredible kindness as you continue to support our local small business.

Thank you! X

Lucie the office dog at Saint Belle studios.

We couldn’t mention the women of Saint Belle without mentioning our littlest intern Lucie. Our ‘paw’fect little helper is always up for helping in her mum’s photo shoots, as long as there is a treat to be had at the end of it! She makes a regular appearance on our Instagram and is considered to be the Saint Belle mascot.

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April 06, 2022

I loved reading this, it’s great to get to know more about the women behind this fabulous brand and to celebrate them on International Women’s Day. Thank you.

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